First and Primary Birthstone for Virgo

The sapphire, namely blue sapphire, is the first and most important birthstone for Virgo.

Two of the most well-known blue gemstones are sapphire and aquamarine. But did you know that sapphire isn't only found in blue? In actuality, ruby is a type of sapphire that is red.

Earth signs, like Virgo, are diligent, modest, and realists. On the other hand, Virgo can sometimes occasionally be overly pessimistic and possibly too obstinate in their own ways.

And sapphire can be really useful in this situation. The color of the sky and the heavens is blue sapphire. It is hence affine to the element of air.

Sapphire can make Virgo more adaptable. Virgo can become more innovative, creative, and less rigid in all areas of her life thanks to this increased flexibility.

The energies of sincerity and dedication are likewise released by this jewel of divine beauty. 

Wearing the blue sapphire can encourage you to persevere in your projects, whether it's a start-up company, a new pastime, or a difficult new work.

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