10 Ways to Know About Future Partner

Your external personality and physical appearance are represented by your ascendant sign.

Your birth chart's seventh house represents relationships and marriage.

Venus's position in your birth chart can be examined to learn more about your preferences and ideal spouse.

Knowing where Mars is in your birth chart might help you identify the energy and assertiveness you value in a mate.

Your emotional requirements and the way you take care of people are represented by your moon sign. 

Synastry is the comparison of two birth charts to determine a couple's compatibility. 

Your birth chart's transits and progressions can provide you hints about important relationship-related occurrences or interactions.

Analyzing the regions of harmony and potential problems in a relationship between your birth chart and the birth chart of a potential mate.

Astrologers can acquire extra insights into potential mates and relationship dynamics by using divination instruments like tarot cards or oracle cards.

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