Why Are Cancerians So Emotional?

Cancerians are naturally compassionate. They understand people' feelings and provide excellent assistance. 

 Cancerians are nurturing and loving, as shown by Tarot cards like The Empress and The Two of Cups.

Vulnerability and sensitivity give Cancerians emotional depth. They're sensitive to their surroundings and others' feelings.

Cancerians can create strong emotional relationships due to their sensitivity. Cancerians prefer to escape into their emotional world and seek emotional security.

Cancerians treasure home and family. They love their family and enjoy building a peaceful home.

 Tarot astrology's Ten of Pentacles and Four of Wands represent Cancerians' desire for family security and happiness.

Cancerians value emotional growth and self-care. They value self-care and balance. The Temperance and The Ten of Cups help Cancerians heal and grow.

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