Why Is Self-Care Important As Per Astrology?

Astrology understands that each person's planetary energies and zodiac signs affect their physical, emotional, and mental health. 

The birth chart, or natal chart, shows a person's strengths, flaws, and needs. Astrology emphasizes self-care to restore balance, meet needs, and connect with one's true self.

Astrology identifies fire, earth, air, and water in the birth chart. To sustain balance, self-care should nurture all elements. 

 Fire signs gain from activities that fuel passion and creativity, while earth signs benefit from nature-based routines. 

Water signs may find comfort in emotional well-being techniques, while air signs can practice mindfulness.

Astrology stresses how the moon and its phases affect our emotions and energies. Aligning self-care with the lunar cycle helps us sync with nature.

The waxing moon supports intention and goal-setting, whereas the fading moon promotes letting go. 

Astrology self-care includes introspection and healing. Tarot astrology can reveal limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, and healing needs in our subconscious.

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