Leo Horoscope Weekly – June 20 – 26, 2023

You might suffer a financial loss this week. In the workplace, you will be able to defeat your rivals. God will become more real to you.

Your family life will be fulfilling. For your siblings, you can have some worries. In the workplace and in business, respect will rise this week.

Relationships with people in positions of authority will be good. Activities involving travel will have favorable results.

There will be plenty of family support available during the time spent with them, and it will be pleasurable. You'll suffer problems with your stomach.

Any person is capable of lying or treason in some way. As a result of your generous character, you will be at peace.

You risk having problems if you let your company decline. You'll have a really lucky week this week, and you'll hear good news all around.

There will be connections made with powerful people. There will be business gains, but you'll feel stressed because of the escalating workload.

Happy thoughts will be produced by fortunate family events. Your marriage will be happy, but due to your outspoken temperament, you may occasionally dispute with your spouse.

It is possible to develop connections with people who are active in politics. The company's situation in terms of profit this week. You'll hear good news, and you'll be very lucky.

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