3 Spirit Animals of Capricorn

1. Beaver

Many of the characteristics of the Capricorn personality are reflected in what the beaver archetype is.

For instance, the beaver is directly related to discipline, teamwork, hard work, and giving in the family. All of these characteristics are distinctly Capricorn. This sign is ambitious, proud, diligent, and focused on family.

2. Penguin

A bird that lives in one of the world's hardest climates is the penguin. It follows that it is not surprising that they would lead a sign of the zodiac that gives their all to anything they do.

Those with steadfast strength are likely to travel with this spirit animal. These are the kinds of people who put in a lot of effort to beat the odds.

This is intriguing because Saturn, the planet of regulations, goals, and society institutions, rules over Capricorns.

This explains why Capricorns experience a hyper-reality since their ruling planet penalizes people who take short cuts to achieve their objectives.

3. Sandpiper

The sandpiper is a great Capricorn spirit animal because of the way it symbolizes this sign's bustle. The sandpiper is also called a bustling bird in some accounts. 

Since both Capricorns and Virgos are linked with productivity, their dedication to their work makes them a great match.

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