3 Zodiac Signs Are So Good At Rebounding After A Breakup

1. Sagittarius

As Lee puts it, "When you have a personality so enthusiastic and carefree, it's easy to rebound at the drop of a hat!" Sagittarians are naturally free spirits.

Romantic relationships are no different; they are constantly moving on to the next adventure.

2. Capricorn 

Even after a breakup, pragmatic Capricorns never allow their emotions to get the best of them.

"They're aware breakups and moving on are natural things that happen in life and are quick to make their peace with it." Lee says that once a Cap has called it quits, they are aware that there is no point in crying over spilled milk.

3. Aquarius 

It is almost too simple for Aquarians to go from one person to the next because they tend to have less emotional attachment than most signs.

The way an Aquarius recovers from a breakup nearly gives the impression that they have no affection for you, claims Lee.

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