3 Zodiac Signs Won't Change for Love

You've been here before, and if your partner continues with you, you'll be here again. What's implied here is that you will not change for the sake of your relationship 

Your partner has been nagging you for a long time to change your ways, and you've decided to take their words as an insult. 

Change for your loved one? Change for love itself? Come on, who are we kidding? While you're not in love with yourself, nor do you think nothing in your life needs changing 

You were closed off to it from before your partner even opened their mouth to speak, and on July 14, 2023, you'll go so far as to tell them to shut up with their garbage suggestions 

hat's the basic Capricorn attitude today, especially when you realize that everything you've created in your life has been successful mainly because of one reason 

Here's the thing: you don't want to change, and that is the end of the discussion. You get that way, and there's a reason for it 

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