Aquarius's Best Zodiac Signs

When astrology and romantic relationships come together, it can be enlightening to examine how the components of your personality align

 do not align) with those of a partner. And if you have even a passing interest in the zodiac, you've certainly observed trends in your love life.

Whether there's a certain sign that always captures your attention, a sign you've sworn to never go out with again

or a sign that seems to make dating as easy as breathing, you've probably noticed these tendencies.

vThese patterns will, of course, look different for each person, with optimum pairings varying depending on an individual's specific experiences 

Take, for instance, intellectual Aquarians; due to their self-reliance and high-minded attitude on life, they can be difficult to commit to as romantic partners.

 When it comes to a significant other, Aquarius is looking for someone who can excite and challenge them without becoming overly possessive. This is in contrast to other signs

who may be drawn to partners who are affectionate and grounded.Despite this, Aquarius is not necessarily a sign that is compatible with every other sign because of their interest in human relationships

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