Aries July Horoscope

Aries, you’re in a nostalgic and private mood as we finish up Cancer season. Now’s the time to focus on creating a nourishing environment for yourself and spending time with loved ones. 

Once Leo season hits mid-month, you’re in full-on celebration mode! But first, a passionate and sensual mood takes over on July 2  

You may feel called to experiment with pleasure and sexuality, receive a wave of creative inspiration, or make an exciting purchase. 

A Full Moon in Capricorn follows the next day, bringing your attention to your career, public reputation, and life milestones. 

This Full Moon can coincide with a career change, promotion, or gaining some attention from your fans. Recognize your growth and talent and celebrate yourself 

Mars, the planet of action, frustration, and motivation, enters Virgo on July 10, asking you to streamline your daily routine. 

Fate and destiny takes over on July 17 when the North Node enters your sign for the first time since 2006! The Nodes of Destiny reveal where fated beginnings and endings will take place 

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