Aries-Rat Man Personality

The men are passionate, independent, a little bit dominant or violent. They can be highly charming and charismatic despite their flaws in impulsivity, impatience, and mild violence.

They are also incredibly affectionate and loving! Men with the astrological sign of the rat appreciate being the focus of attention.

They may exhibit certain narcissistic traits up until they reach adulthood. They have a lot of assistance to offer and are wise, insightful, empathic, and understanding.

They are not afraid of competition either. They can be quite considerate, even "cute," and undeniably lovely.

However, they don't back down and act with equal amounts of strong courage and tenacity.

They have idealistic tendencies and are emotional, especially when it comes to their reputation or the opinions of others.

Take care of an Aries-rat man if you find yourself with one. He has a big heart and is a keeper.

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