Ja Morant trade shocks NBA

After the National Basketball Association opened an investigation into a social media post made by the guard after he live streamed himself  

the Memphis Grizzlies announced on Saturday that Ja Morant will not be playing for the team for at least the next two games.  

The announcement came shortly after the NBA announced that it had opened the investigation. 

The superstar guard felt obligated to issue an apology on Saturday afternoon after the Grizzlies made the announcement that he would be spending some time  

Morant uploaded the video to his Instagram page in the form of a live broadcast; however, once the feed was stopped, 

At least for these two contests, the Grizzlies have declared that there will be no additional comment made regarding Morant’s absence from the team.

If the league determines that Morant engaged in misconduct, one of two possible consequences will result 

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