Aventurine: Taurus Birthstones

The healing birthstone for Taurus is aventurine. Aventurine comes in a variety of hues, but green is the most prevalent and the hue we suggest for Taurus birthstones.

According to legend, aventurine is a stone of infinite healing. It is thought to support general health and recovery.

And this holds true for both physical and mental wellness. It is thought to make one's thinking more acute and clear.

According to legend, the green gemstone also lessens allergies, calms allergic reactions, and enhances skin conditions.

Aventurine is a gemstone that is green, the color of Taurus, just like emerald. The green aventurine is opaque and has a dusty green hue as opposed to emerald.

In any event, aventurine is significantly less expensive than emerald. As a result, the Taurus stone, aventurine, can be used in applications that emerald cannot,

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