Baby-Friendly Dogs

Parents of neonates have sufficient concerns and obligations. The last thing they need to worry about is whether the dog they add to the family will be a good match 

There is a reason why these canines starred in the classic family film "Homeward Bound."

Beagles with their large, brown, pleading eyes are not only endearing, but also wonderful family pets.

There is a reason why these dogs are regarded as the smartest of all dog varieties. They are extraordinarily active and charmingly intelligent.

If you assign them the task of assisting to herd, raise, and protect your infant, they will take it very seriously and perform admirably, just as they do with every other assignment you assign them.

As long as you keep them stimulated and active, they will be content and even beneficial family members.

Even if they like the concept of having a canine companion, some families may choose to wait until their children are older to get a dog or may choose not to get one at all.

each dog has a unique personality, and this is by no means a comprehensive catalog of the only dog breeds suitable for infants. 

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