Best Cancer Zodiac Cocktails

In this ongoing series, you will learn about several libations that correspond to the zodiac signs and your astrological sign. 

Take the plunge and sample these one-of-a-kind drinks created specifically for those born under the Cancer sign. 

Cancer is a water sign that is related with the constellation known as the crab. This astrological sign is associated with the animal that serves

its mascot in the natural world. Symbolically speaking, Cancers present as tough on the exterior

yet they are actually more nuanced, perceptive, and sensitive than they initially appear.

Cancers are mysterious people with emotions that are always shifting, much like the phases of the moon's cycle

because they are ruled by the Moon. In order to relax the cautious Cancer sign, the appropriate drinks 

this sign should be light-hearted and refreshing.  The Aries astrological sign is the first one to appear following the summer solstice, which marks the beginning of the summer season. 

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