Best Things to Do for Long-Distance Couples

Become each other’s motivation to study

Long-distance student couples will love doing this activity together. The only way to keep up with and raise your grades is to study.

Why not aid each other in maintaining focus rather than being a distraction to one another? The best option for doing this is over Skype. 

Let’s go on an ice cream date!

What ice cream flavor is your favorite among the following: strawberry, vanilla, butter pecan, rum & raisins, and Belgian chocolate?

Ice cream season might be in either the summer or the winter. In the comfort of your living room or outside, invite your SO to join you for some ice cream.

Romantic movie date night

It's not only a "cute thing to do" for near couples to see a movie together and then post about it on social media. 

You can have a romantic movie date night with your significant other now that Netflix and the internet are available. Although going to the movies can be a spontaneous activity, I highly advise against it.

Countdown to your next meeting

How many more days till your following meeting? Start the tally. Use an app that performs the task for you.

But if you two worked together to manually complete the countdown, it would be more significant. How? To the rescue, Google Docs! Or you can utilize your personal blog as a couple. 

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