Biggest Dog Breed

Even though Tibetan Mastiffs have the appearance of lions, they are the kindest and most gentle dogs in the world around the people they adore. 

The Himalayan peasants and their flocks were reared with these dogs to defend themselves and their herds against any and all attackers.

The breed is still a powerful watchdog and defender in today's world, but they are just as happy to laze around their homes with the people they care about. 

 Even though it has a moderate level of energy, the Tibetan Terrier nevertheless requires a sufficient amount of mental and physical activity in order to remain happy, healthy, and interested.

Be warned that this breed is famously difficult to train and can be extremely stubborn; hiring a competent trainer is something you'll want to invest in right from the start if you buy one of these dogs.

Newfoundlands, which may grow to be up to 28 inches tall and weigh up to 150 pounds, were originally developed as working dogs for Canadian fishermen.

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