Activities Performed Upon Waking Up Early

Many commenters agreed that exercising in the morning was how they used extra time in the morning. Whether this meant jogging, lifting, stretching, or another activity, Redditors seemed to agree that getting in a workout was a great way to use extra time in the morning. 

Sometimes we need time to be slow and push things off. One commenter said that they like using the extra time to procrastinate willingly. This might be actively pushing the snooze button or simply scrolling on their phone. 

Another common answer was taking time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Not only is this a peaceful way to wake up, but it also gets you caffeinated so that you can take on the day. c

Drink Coffee, Read Some Stuff, and Shave Another poster took the coffee a few steps further. They also like reading and taking care of some hygiene.

Another great activity for early risers is watching the sunrise (or moonset as a few commenters wrote) and watching/listening to the world wake up. 

As a way of easing into the day and refocusing, one Redditor commented that they meditate if they have extra time in the morning. 

An enthusiastic commenter said they sometimes complete a 9hole golf game. Witht he average time to complete 9 holes of golf sitting at at least 2 hours, you really need to have extra time in the morning. 

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