Discover Cancer Zodiac Fun Facts

They sometimes struggle to control their emotions. Their sensitivity makes them very endearing and shows how genuine they are, especially where relationships are concerned. 

Despite their sweet exterior and shy nature, they know how to stand up for themselves and will never let anyone walk all over them or their friends. 

Their positive traits include being creative, spontaneous, loving and affectionate; what amazing qualities to have. 

When it comes to negative traits, these folks can be very pessimistic and more often than not sees the glass half empty.  

This zodiac sign is also prone to mood swings and can go from feeling on top of the world to inapproachable in a matter of seconds.  

These natives can be a little suffocating in relationships and have to make huge efforts to avoid becoming clingy. 

They would spend every second of the day with their partners if they could, and find it hard to give them space. 

This pair is very compatible and really does work well together in a relationship. They make for a truly dynamic couple that by the way shouldn’t be messed with. 

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