Dog Moms of All Kinds

Pet parents who match their dogs are usually some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, with one exception. If a dog mom with perfect hair 

Golden retriever boyfriends are a thing, and so are golden retriever dog moms. You don't have to own a golden retriever to qualify, although it doesn't hurt. 

Most of these dog moms deserve a higher rating, but there's a certain group that brings down the whole average: the selfie queens who simply can't stop 

Before you come for us, emotional support dogs are incredible. They can really help people who need them, like those with PTSD, 

hey turn every walk into a photoshoot. Do they even like dogs, or are they just doing it for the 'gram? Put the phone away, and play fetch already 

There's a particular category of dog moms, however, who use the term "emotional support animal" when they don't actually need one

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