Best Dogs for Families with Kids

A hardy breed that gets along great with children thanks to its submissive and devoted personality.

Beagles are known for their intelligence as well as their upbeat and joyful demeanor

Don't put any stock in what the representative says. The dogs make wonderful traveling companions

These large canines are known to be sweet and loving. They adore being outside in the fresh air, particularly if you take them to the water. Vizslas Vizslas are kind and loyal dogs that are known for their intelligence and their devotion to their families.

The lovely canine in red is full of mischief and adores the company of other people. Because Irish Setters do not like to be by themselves, you should make sure that someone is always home with them.

You will be in good shape if you add a poodle to your household, regardless of whether it is a miniature or standard variety.Labrador Retrievers One of the most playful and affectionate breeds, as well as one of the most protective, is the boxer

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