Emerald: Taurus Birthstones

The most preferred gemstone for Taurus men and women is emerald.

Along with ruby, sapphire, and diamond, emerald is one of the most well-known gemstones, distinguished by its rich green hue and distinctive rectangular cut.

Emerald is a stone signifying wealth, love, and knowledge according to symbolism. Additionally, it stands for growth, serenity, healing, and fertility. 

Taurus places great significance on several of these characteristics. Taureans are attracted to nature and the outdoors because they are earth signs.

As a result, emerald in many ways embodies what Taurus desires and who they are. Emerald is a superb gemstone for Taurus because of this.

Cleopatra liked emerald in Roman Egypt. According to legend, the Egyptian queen wore emerald jewelry and decorated with the gemstone.

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