Favorite Types of Grey Cats

The Chartreux is a kind of cat that is native to France, where it made its debut in written history during the middle to late 1500s. This breed is extremely hard to find. 

These gigantic gray cats are said to have originated in the highlands of Syria, and it is believed that they traveled westward as feral cats 

over eastern and southern Europe and into France during the crusades of the 13th and 14th centuries.

These enormous cats are amazing examples of animals that lived in the past. If they had been able to pass down their history from one generation to the next, there is no doubt that they would have some pretty incredible things to tell

 However, we will be concentrating on their appearances, and the Chartreux certainly does not fail to impress with its imposing physique and uniformly gray coat.

he legs and tails of Korats are quite long and lanky, and they stick up far into the sky. 

 This is a physical manifestation of the Korat's aspirations and dreams for the world.

The Korat is a type of cat that originated in Thailand, where it was traditionally revered as a good luck charm and where it is still popular today.

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