Gemini’s Tarot Cards Friendship: Nine of Swords

A curious individual sitting on their bed is depicted in the image of the Nine of Swords. With their hands, they are supporting their head.

They appear to have just awakened from a nightmare. On their bedroom wall, nine swords are displayed hanging.

Her lower body is draped in a quilt adorned with astrological symbols and a variety of red flowers, either roses or begonias (the birth flower of Gemini).

Gemini is regarded as a master of social situations. With their humor and knowledge, these social butterflies dance from one bloom to another, winning hearts.

Their quickness and self-assurance in their social abilities, though, can occasionally backfire. They can be blind to actual friendship, for instance, by hiding their own face and eyes.

Through the images of nine swords and a floral quilt, the Nine of Swords is expressing that there are sincere friends inside Gemini's circle.

The Nine of Swords also symbolizes how incredibly accepting Gemini is of their friendships. Without passing judgment, they love and value their friends for who they are.

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