Fun Long-Distance Relationship Activities

Watch live performance

You may watch live performances of opera, ballet, musicals, and concerts on YouTube alone. They are typically just recordings of live performances.

But every so often, you'll come across performances that are actually taking place right now, like this live opera performance from the Royal Opera House.

Keep a long-distance couple’s blog

start a blog with a friend. Any topics that interest you can be written about. One example might be your experiences with long-distance relationships, including how it all began,

 the difficulties you've encountered, and relationship-enhancing suggestions. But don't be creatively constrained. 

Start your very own private book club

Start a private book club with just the two of you as the members. begin slowly. Choose a book that appeals to both of you. Be reasonable when setting a deadline.

Make sure the deadline will let you advance at a leisurely pace. The members shouldn't feel like a burden.

Throw a long-distance pizza party!

Pizza is fantastic. Enjoy your very own pizza party with your friends and feel amazing! Don't forget to pick up some beer or soda on the way home if you order delivery pizza.

The main course is pizza, plus other munchies, like buffalo wings and chips, will satisfy your appetite. If you feel up to it, ask your partner to wait at home without food and then surprise them with a pizza delivery.

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