Gemini’s Tarot Cards Love: Eight of Swords

A lone woman wearing a long robe is surrounded by eight swords in the image of The Eight of Swords. She's chained and has blindfolds on.

Near her feet, there are some small pools of water. Perhaps she feels confined and powerless.

Her sentiments are understandable, yet the card of eight swords encourages us to reflect on our own self and the world around us. It begs you to pay attention.

The first thing you notice is how loosely the tying is around her torso. She could have released herself from her bonds with little effort and then taken off her blindfold.

Second, at first glance, she seems to be entangled in the blades. The eight swords, however, do not completely obstruct her movement.

She had the option of continuing. The former relationships of the Gemini person might be represented by the swords.

They could occasionally be tormented by their own romantic past. This card is warning Gemini that a delusion is keeping them from moving forward. And that they ought to proceed.

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