Gemini’s Tarot Cards Family: Queen of Cups

A queen is shown sitting on a throne decorated with angel carvings on the Queen of Cups (or Queen of Goblets) card.

Strangely, her throne is situated near the water. Although she doesn't wear anything particularly fancy, her enormous crown accentuates her regal position.

She has a goblet in her hands that is more magnificent than her crown. The goblet is displayed as the queen looks at it. 

The Queen of Cups card governs all matters of feeling, sympathy, and empathy. The goblet is related to the water element, as is the body of water.

Water is hence a symbol for feeling and intuition. The Queen retains her control over the areas denoted by these qualities because her throne is firmly planted and she is holding the cup in both of her hands. 

The Queen of Cups suggests that Gemini can use their adept social abilities to maintain harmony within the family when interacting with family members. 

Gemini is pictured on the card as a devoted and understanding family member. They are constantly receptive to hearing the opinions and worries of their family.

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