Gorgeous gray cat breeds are great pets

Sweet-tempered and ever so loyal, the affectionate and social Russian Blue is never happier than when around their family.  

Highly intelligent, the Russian Blue requires lots of physical and mental stimulation to ensure they stay happy and healthy so you’ll want to ensure  

the joy of spending time with a British Shorthair then you know just how delightful they can be with their playful personalities and placid temperaments.  

While the British Shorthair prefers company, they’re ok to be left alone and will be quite content to spend time sleeping in a sunny spot until you return. 

The Chartreux (pronounced shar-true) is very similar in appearance to the British Shorthair with a heavily muscled and heavily boned body that gives that same thick and round appearance. 

The term ‘cool cat’ certainly applies to the Chartreux with this breed tending to be independent and somewhat aloof.  

A silver-tipped, blue-gray feline that hails from Thailand, the Korat is a rare breed that has a regal appearance and is revered in its home country for bringing good luck 

An intelligent lap cat who forms strong bonds with its humans, the Korat is laid back, thoughtful and will stick by your side in an unobtrusive way as you move about the house doing your daily tasks 

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