Habits of Self-Esteem Women

In our youth, we follow our parents and society. We grow up with expectations that conflict with our beliefs and ambitions, making it hard to break free. 

Self-determination begins when you obtain autonomy. To maximize life, you must know yourself and what you want. Know your worth.

We often put up with unhealthy people or situations to avoid disappointing our loved ones. 

Knowing your worth will empower you to leave bad situations. You're not frigid or selfish. 

It just means you're taking care of yourself to be your best for everyone, including those you're leaving.

Speaking your mind does not justify being mean. It involves being honest about your opinions and not giving people what they want.

No is one of the hardest words to pronounce with conviction. We overexplain our choices to avoid upsetting others. 

If they keep sulking, we still give up and tell ourselves that what we desire is less important. Knowing your self-worth makes communicating your decisions easy.  

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