Healthy Mixed Breed Dogs?

Bringing home a new dog is one of the most fun experiences you can share. Choosing one is a tougher task. 

We were all heartbroken, but we miss having a dog in the house and are finally ready to consider getting a new one 

the past, golden retrievers were our thing. We always had at least one golden, but now we're wondering if a mixed breed dog would have a lower risk of health issues. 

Do mixed breed dogs live longer? I love the predictability of purebred dogs in terms of personality and size, but now I'm not so sure.  

That's the biggest downside of having a furry family member. Even the longest-living canines don't live as long as people do. 

As a dog, I can happily tell you that our sense of time isn't great. We live in the moment, and we enjoy every game of fetch and walk in the park 

Hereditary diseases do contribute to early death in dogs. Most genetic disorders are recessive, meaning two copies of the gene must be present for the dog to develop the disorder.  

If you adopt a puppy with unknown parents, it's hard to estimate their future size or energy level. All dogs have their own personalities 

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