July 12, 2023: The MomScope for the Day

Your baby might want to rush ahead, but this isn't wise today. There's all sorts of stuff that can confuse them, so have them hang back with you when you go out for a stroll today 

If you want your little one to have a lot of fun today, you'll have to have a few surprises up your sleeve, such as making up games when they run out.  

Snap out of it! Even with that lethargy, you and your kiddo will find this is a good day to stay focused and work on some projects.  

You are itching to give your house or office a good cleaning. But others have that lazy feeling, so help may be hard to come by 

You will find that you are an excellent strategist today. Get to work on that plan to move up the food chain at work. Or map out your blitz of the mall to get the tyke's back-to-school gear. 

Up and at 'em! It's best to get a running start today, because there's a lot you want to accomplish. A new project is ready to go, and getting a jump will put you that much further ahead.  

This is a day of difficult decisions -- be that how many stuffed animals to take on the trip or what kind of sneakers to buy your little one 

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