July 2023's Luckiest Zodiac Signs

This month, the sun will continue through your fourth house of home and family, bringing heightened awareness to your private life 

Although you share some similarities with Cancer, you’re far more interested in taking action than pausing long enough to feel things out, Aries 

It’s your season, Cancer, so naturally, you’ll be feeling all the feels — but honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Consider what you require in order to feel safe, supported, and secure, and actively pursue those things, even if they may seem irrational to the outside world 

As the sun continues through Cancer, you’ll be setting your sights on your career and professional endeavors this month. 

This month, the sun continues through your seventh house of romantic relationships and partnerships, highlighting your need for emotional support and security through your connections with others. 

This is a fortunate time for showcasing anything you’ve been working on that you’re ready to share with the world, especially if it’s something that emotionally fulfills you. 

While this may be uncomfortable initially, it’s a great time to lean into intimacy, Capricorn. Being vulnerable is the only way to develop the deep, intimate bonds you crave with others 

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