July 2023's New Moon Horoscopes

“This new moon highlights an internal rebirth and chance to renew something within your home,” 

Gerdes recommends letting your curiosity “nudge you out of your comfort zone” and into new experiences, dear Taurus 

Because the new moon is in your second house of values and resources, you’re gonna want to keep a close eye on your wallet and reassess your spending, Gemini. 

Despite it being your season, the celestial forecast looks a bit rough for you, dear Cancer. “With Pluto retrograding across from you, don't be surprised 

The new moon will have the strongest influence over Leo’s twelfth house, which emphasizes their subconscious realm and is tied to themes of spirituality  

Your house of community is heating up this new moon, Virgo, which means there’s never been a better time to meet new people and put yourself out there 

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