Kid-friendly tiny dog breeds

The best small dog breeds for kids are the perfect package, offering plenty of playfulness, patience, love and affection, all wrapped up in one adorable little bundle.  

It’s not always easy choosing the right dog to fit your family and lifestyle and small dogs come with additional challenges.  

In fact, you may have been warned off getting a small dog because of the potential risks that boisterous children pose to their safety. 

But the truth is that all children need to be taught how to behave around all dogs, regardless of the size of the breed, 

as long as the youngsters in your family understand the rules of interacting with dogs and follow them, there’s no reason you can’t welcome a small breed into your home 

Most also have all the best bits of children bundled up inside of them - curiosity, energy, a love of play, and a mischievous streak which means bonds can form quickly and be long-lasting.  

Cavies are great with kids because they have endless patience and a playful nature that makes them a lot of fun. 

They also love cuddling and if your child is feeling unwell, they’ll be more than content to curl up beside them until they’re back to full health.  

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