Leo Birth Flowers


This shouldn't be shocking considering how similar they are to Leo's ruling planet, the Sun, just by looking at one of their massive, fiery-colored flowers.

Sunflowers tower over the rest of practically any garden, and Leos have a tendency to consider themselves as the pack leader.


It is simple to understand how marigolds came to be associated with Leos who revere the sun when given the moniker "herb of the sun" Warm hues like those seen in marigolds mirror the lion's heart's fire. 

The good energy that their vibrant colors have long been associated with is something that Leos both radiate and are excellent at channeling to achieve their objectives. 


The lion-headed dahlias begin to bloom in the middle of July and are most strikingly stunning during the Leo season.

Dahlias have represented dignity and elegance ever since the Victorian era, but don't mistake dignity for stuffiness. Leos and dahlias are both not wallflowers.


Safflowers are yet another cheerful flower connected to Leos. However, this association is more with its prickly appearance and the spines that cover its stem than with its fluffy, yellow blossoms.

 Those who don't aware that self-assured Leos are actually just large kitty cats may initially perceive them as haughty and frightening.

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