Lucky Colors for Leos 

1. Gold

Leos love royal, powerful, and successful gold. It represents their royalty and leadership. 

Leos can boost their charisma and success by wearing gold. Gold's warmth and wealth can bring joy and prosperity.

2. Orange

Leos' fiery nature matches orange's vibrancy. It's optimistic, creative, and enthusiastic. 

Orange may stimulate Leo's enthusiasm and zest for life. This color brings brightness and positivity, enabling Leos face obstacles with confidence.

3. Purple

Leos love purple, a royal and mystical color. It symbolizes creativity, insight, and inner power.

Purple increases Leos' spirituality and artistic creativity. Leos may use their innate charm and mystique with this gorgeous color.

4. Red

Leos suit red's passion, boldness, and vitality. It symbolizes their ferocity. Leos can be bold and confident by wearing red.

This brilliant color denotes love and romance, enhancing Leo's romantic charm.

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