longest living cat breed

The Ragdoll is a placid, gentle, and easy-going breed of cat that gets its name from the relaxing way in which the cat would lean back in your arms.

 They will willingly follow you about to be near you or jump on to your lap for a cuddle, but they will not be overly demanding, and they are wonderful with children. 

They will also happily follow you around to be near you. These sweet-natured cats have an average lifespan of 11 to 13 years, although they can sometimes survive for even longer

 Conditions related to the heart and kidney illness are examples of potential hazards to one's health. The Balinese is a breed of cat that is similar to the Siamese in appearance but has longer hair.

 They have a lithe and graceful appearance, but they are also quite talkative and energetic. Because of this breed's propensity for jumping and being in elevated positions

The outgoing cat will want to be the center of your attention, but on the plus side, this trait also makes them pleasant and affectionate. 

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