Most absent-minded zodiac sign

Aries is constantly on the move. They want success, so they can go from zero to 100 pretty quickly. But it means they might also be a little oblivious to what's happening around them. 

These fire signs are impulsive and can miss important things along the way. "Their absentmindedness comes from their eagerness to jump into new situations headfirst without thinking things through 

Aries' always on-the-go energy can make them a bit forgetful in general. They need to practice patience and slow down a bit to really benefit from what life has to offer. 

Libras have a very laid back attitude and don't sweat the small stuff," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.  

Sagittarius is known for their wanderlust, and they love to explore new and exciting things. While this isn't a bad trait, it causes their mind to drift a bit, 

Leos and their egos. It's not surprising that these folks have a hard time focusing on anything but themselves 

Aquarius is an air sign meaning, they're great communicators and intellectual thinkers. "However, if they're rushed or overloaded 

There's no world in which Pisces isn't the most absentminded zodiac sign. Pisces are daydreamers who spend a lot of time with their head in the clouds. 

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