Most clueless zodiac sign

Sagittarians see the good in people and trust the view, believing that their big break is just around the river bend, no prenup is needed, and the best is yet to come.

Wise and jaded people may see such blithe optimism as cluelessness. Archers, rulers of the ninth house of philosophy, travel, higher education

Sag locals' honesty makes them seem ignorant.

They're more "gee golly I don't know but I'll bet you your suspenders I can figure it out" than "fake it till you make it

 You must embrace your ignorance to stay intrigued.Jupiter, the planet of expansion and riches

blesses Sagittarius on good days and blows his wad on the ponies and the bar on bad days.

Sag people have the admirable trait of not trying to appear more knowledgeable than they actually are, which can sometimes make them look naive.

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