My star sign's June 22 2023 forecast

Politics used to be about compromise and consensus to advance? Nowadays, conflicts flood our screens.

The Solstice urges us to emulate the Sun. Success is found through being our best selves.

 We may tend to forget our strengths. Worse, we don't think we're good enough. If not careful, we feel inadequate.

Despite not deserving it, many people think they should be treated like celebrities everywhere they go. You feel invisible in a given setting. You’re right.

If you take a look behind, is it attached to a heavy ball? If you’ve been feeling weighed down and struggling to make progress, the Solstice provides you with the equivalent of a pair of bolt cutters. 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the relentlessness of life and forget how magical it can be. We’re so busy trying to find ways to cope with the stresses 

If we throw down our racquet and refuse to play the game, we’re not going to get very far either. To be a winner, we need to develop wisdom 

In reality, of course, it’s often much more subtle. On first glance, great opportunities might not look special. But if we approach the lumps and bumps of life’s journey with a positive attitude, 

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