Narcissist Dating Signs

Because narcissists lack empathy, it is common for them to be unable of comprehending and satisfying the emotional and psychological requirements of their partners. 

They could make their partner feel unheard and unimportant by trivializing or dismissing their partner's sentiments and anxieties. 

This could make their partner feel irrelevant and unheard.In addition to devoting a disproportionate amount of time and resources to improving their looks

narcissists are usually consumed with thoughts related to how they look. It's possible that they'll try to exert some control over what their spouse wears or how they look,

that they'll criticize their partner's appearance.An individual who has narcissistic tendencies could believe that they are deserving of special privileges and favored treatment.

They may develop feelings of resentment or anger if they believe they should be receiving a greater amount of attention or recognition.

Narcissists are adept manipulators, so it's possible that they'll utilize their attractiveness and charisma to sway the decision their partner makes. 

They could try to control the actions of their spouse by flattering them, threatening them, or making them feel guilty.

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