quietest dog breeds.

The sloughi is a type of dog that isn't very popular in the United States, but it comes from a long-extinct line of hounds that were used to hunt game covertly in the deserts of North Africa.

Sloughis are slim and quick, and they have black eyes that are really attractive.

The Bergamasco sheepdog has a distinctively shaggy hair that is known to produce long mats and has huge bones to go along with its enormous head and unusual appearance.

 The breed was prevalent in the valleys of the Alps for generations, where it was used to herd sheep.

Because of its calm and patient demeanor, it prevented flocks from becoming scared and fleeing while the breed was around.

The origin of the cirneco can be traced back to Sicily, where pictures of a dog that resembles the cirneco have been discovered on coins that date back to 500 B.C.

The hunting dog is a pro when it comes to chasing after birds and bunnies. During the 1930s, the breed was on the verge of extinction, but a Sicilian aristocrat devoted her life to bringing it back.

The Glen of Imaal terrier originates in Ireland and was selected for its ability to work quietly

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