Dumbest Dog Breed

Although the most intelligent dog breeds may be the most popular as pets, many professionals believe that it is about time for the comedic, tail-chasing, delightfully lovable canines that are thought to have a lower intelligence

It's a relief to know that not all dogs are vocal. There are a number of canine breeds that are exceptionally quiet, and one of them, the Basenji, is unable to bark at all.

 Lauren Novack, who works as a canine behavior expert, admits, "I'm a fan of dumb dogs.

But which dog breeds are the most dim-witted, and what, exactly, does it mean to have the personality of a dopey canine?

Some canine intelligence is measured by how quickly a dog can pick up on human-taught tasks, such as those that are expected of top-tier varieties of assistance dogs. 

Novack, on the other hand, is of the opinion that when people say they want a clever dog, what they really want is a dog that is eager to learn new things 

when we make mistakes when attempting to train them. It's possible that certain dog breeds don't lack intelligence but are simply uninterested in obeying commands. 

Others may simply be skilled nappers and members of breeds that are known for their laziness, and who can blame them

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