Quotes for Taurus Women

The Taurus woman can be a little bull-headed at times, but that doesn't mean that she always insists on being right.

The Taurus lady is kind and compassionate, and while she might have some strong ideas that can't be changed, that can also signify character strength.

The female Taurus has a strong emotional capacity and is able to cope with extreme stress.

The Taurus lady is intelligent, yet she is not interested in demonstrating her intelligence only for show.

Taurus women rarely lose their cool, but when they do, it's not something that can be quickly forgotten.

The Taurus lady reacts by being extremely angry if she is purposefully provoked over her stress threshold.

The Taurus lady strikes a balance between a rigid focus and a tough work ethic with a love of pleasure, leisure, and beauty.

Even though a Taurus woman has a legendary temper when fully provoked, she rarely gets into ugly arguments until absolutely necessary.

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