Romantic Fears by Zodiac

You’re afraid of welcoming someone into your world and exposing your true self. You come off as tough, and you are, but you’re also a secret softie 

Your comfort zone is the biggest barrier standing between you and intimacy. As a sign ruled by Venus, you’re drawn to romance and have an extremely sensual side 

Gemini, you keep your options open (and plentiful) when it comes to romance. You’re afraid of commitment because you’re afraid of settling with the wrong person 

As the parental archetype, when you love, you love with your entire soul and being. You’re afraid to give your heart away only to be met with indifference or heartache 

As the ruler of the fifth house of lovers, romance, and self-expression, you adore everything that has to do with love.  

You tend to keep people at arm’s length and hide behind your self-constructed protective walls. You do this to keep your self-perceived flaws and faults hidden 

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