7 Signs You Know Someone From a Past Life

Instant Connection

When you first meet this individual, you instantly and deeply connect with them and feel as though you've known them forever. Beyond ordinary interactions, there is an uncanny familiarity.

Shared Dreams or Visions

Even if they take place in various eras or locations, you both frequently have dreams or visions that involve one another. These dreams could provide hints about common former lives.

Telepathic Communication

You begin to speak each other's phrases, comprehend one another without exchanging words, or feel as though you have a clear knowledge of what the other person is thinking or feeling. 


You frequently experience significant synchronicities or coincidences. For instance, even if you are completely unfamiliar with one another's experiences, you might have a favorite book, similar abilities, or key life occurrences.

Unresolved Issues

In your current lifetime, there are unresolved difficulties or disagreements between you that don't seem to have a logical explanation. 

Role Reversals

Your roles may have been reversed in previous lifetimes. Someone might show up as your child or sibling in this incarnation if they were your parent in a prior existence.

Intense Emotions

You get strong emotions when near this individual. These feelings can include uncontrollable happiness, love, or an intense grief or dread. Such powerful feelings might be related to common past-life recollections.

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