Surprising Indoor Dog Breeds

The Affenpinscher has the appearance of a toy dog due to its small size, endearing personality, and insatiable curiosity.

. If you have a cramped flat, this is the ideal solution for you.

Not only does it take up very little space (it is unlikely to be taller than 11 inches and weighs just around 8 pounds), but its coat is clean and wiry

 The incredibly friendly American Eskimo dog, often known lovingly as an Eskie, comes in three sizes — standard, miniature, and toy — and all of them are suitable for living indoors. 

They are the happiest when they are with their human families. Even though dogs of this breed require a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation

 you shouldn't leave them outside all day because they won't appreciate it. When an Eskie approaches middle age, it often transforms into an even more sedentary type of person that prefers to spend their time at home.

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