Talkative Cat Breeds

or the American bobtail cat, the best place to be is in the company of people

 They are overjoyed to share their feelings of affection for their human companions with them. 

These talkative cats are wonderful friends and, because they aren't overly active, they are content to simply hang out with you while sitting on your lap. 

 They have a lot to say. Even though they are communicative, they more often express themselves through chirps and trills than they do through direct meowing

Similar to Siamese cats, Balinese cats have longer, silkier coats and quieter voices than their Siamese counterparts. Because they like spending time with their human companions so much

 they will follow them from room to room while providing comments the whole time. These talkative cats are skilled at conveying exactly what it is that they require from you and the steps that you should take to fulfill those requirements. 

 Because Bengals have such high levels of intelligence, it is important to keep them mentally busy by providing them with toys that encourage interaction, teaching them new skills such as tricks, and allowing them to play in water.

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