The Appetizer That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Energy

1. Aries 

Aries is a fire sign, therefore they are drawn to the menu item with the most heat. 

Additionally, they enjoy new experiences, so Popescu claims that ordering something they've never had before but that also packs a punch, like spicy kimchi pancakes, will appeal to them.

2. Taurus 

Nothing shouts "luxury" like a bowl of caviar, and Taureans aspire to enjoy a life of wealth and grandeur.

 The earth sign will find a way to incorporate the posh appetizer into their daily lives even if their days aren't precisely packed with exquisite ballgowns and sparkling jewels.

3. Gemini 

Popescu thinks tapas are the ideal delicacy for Gemini since the air sign enjoys a snack that can be shared by everyone at the table.

 Additionally, it's a decision that will surely satisfy everyone, and Geminis don't want to agitate their friends.

4. Cancer 

all it truly takes to make a Cancer smile is a fun supper with their besties and a starter of mozzarella sticks. "These homebodies need their comfort food, especially one that can be ordered in,"


Leos choose their appetizers based on how Instagrammable they are, and what could be more "gram-worthy" than a stack of little blinis?

Leos are known for spoiling themselves, so the fire sign might even request an extra serving of caviar on top.


Virgo would order something as refined as they are, like crustless tea sandwiches, given that Virgos are noted for having well-organized, put-together dispositions.

"Virgos are such a 'civilized' sign and are neat, so tea sandwiches have no risk of staining." This appeals to the perfectionist Virgo in me.

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