Top Dog Breeds for Best Friends

These dog breeds have the best qualities that one might want in a dependable friend: they are social, active, and playful. There is a breed of dog suitable for everyone, whether you want a small dog to keep you company

while you watch TV or a larger dog to run with so you can stay in shape. The choice of which dog should be your greatest friend is up to you. 

 In this article, we will take a look at some of the most well-known breeds of dogs and discuss the characteristics that make them such wonderful companions

In spite of their outward demeanor, greyhounds are not aggressive. They were originally bred as hunting dogs, thus they have a disposition that is generally friendly and they get along well with both children and other animals. 

This pet requires little in the way of upkeep and may easily adjust to living in an apartment or outside in any weather. Additionally, it is okay with being left alone if you need to focus on anything else.

When Basset Hounds are peaceful dogs that get along well with most people because they were appropriately socialized when they were puppies. They appreciate the companionship of humans

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